Newcastle Bars

Newcastle was recently described as being the centre of Great Britain's most inviting nightlife, and it is unsurprising to find that many a Newcastle Bar has shed its old and worn trappings to reinvent itself as a desirable place for the savvy cosmopolitan resident and visitor. But it is not only in Newcastle Bars that this ethos of cultural change and creative innovation can been seen.

Recent developments have given this historic city a new facade. Areas which were once little more than the necessary components of a cityscape given over to the demands of flourishing heavy industry, have taken on a new colour and look. Along with Gateshead, it is one of the two places which are heading the North East's cultural, economic and technological development.

Located along the Tyne River, this famous city of the United Kingdom has recently been singled out for its spirit of change and regeneration. Although it has always been a place of change, having undergone much upheaval and destruction long before it became the powerful centre of industry which is synonymous with the Industrial Revolution.

The modern city is filled with music, art and fine eateries to rival the best in the nation. It is a city of festivals, live music and comedy. Art and design are distinct aspects of this famous centre of nightlife and great parties.

This spirit of fun, mixed with more than a dash of urban chic, is not reserved to one or two of the areas which denizens previously has to seek out. From the striking new face of the quayside, where a host of fine Newcastle Bar venues and pubs can be found to appease just about every aesthetic taste, to the classically inspired elegance of establishments on Neville Street near the Grand Central Station, to the trendy and avant-garde student nightspots in and around Jesmond. You don't have to travel far to find a range of bars Newcastle has to satiate your senses and slake your thirst.

Of course, Newcastle Bar venues, like any which attract those looking to get something specific from their favourite haunt, are no longer simply places to have a quiet drink. A quiet drink can be had for sure, but you can expect more than a sparsely stocked bar and a few rickety stools.

From places which have more than one floor and offer anything from stand-up comedy to the latest underground Indie rock acts, to those which specialize in great food, the choice of where to go is limited only by how you want to spend an evening. This is not to suggest that you won’t find a few traditional Newcastle Bars and pubs.

While many have been reinvented to the point that they are no longer recognizable, there are a few which have been beautifully restored and revised to appeal to those who like to sip their thick nourishing bitter surrounded by warm wood and pervasive feeling of old world charm.

In a city which is known for its parties and nightlife, there is a palpable sense that pleasure and fun is part of any Friday and Saturday night. Places which serve up a glass of wine by the river during a warm summer day will take on a different hue at night. Quite literally, as the iridescent city lights bring it to life. Whether there's a hen party at the wine bar or a post-gig crowd down on Osborne Road, Newcastle Bars really come alive when the sun goes down.

Whatever your pleasure, poison and preferred style of venue there is a Newcastle bar to keep you up past your bed time and another to entice you into doing it all over again.